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26.06. - 31.08.2008

Lis Andersen (DK), Carlo Bernardini (I), Erik Binder, Neven Bilić (HR), Gjalt Blauw (NL), Daniel Brunovský, Filippo Centenari (I), Saint – Cricq (F), Federico Diaz (CZ), Elia Doron (IL), Václav Fiala (CZ), Colin Figue (GB), Viktor Frešo, Carlos Galvao (BR), István Gellér B. (H), Jhon Gogaberishvili (GEO), Ján Hoffstädter, Jean Charasse (F), Mário Chromý, Britt Ignell (S), Miguel Isla (E), Markus Kahre (FIN), Dae-Chul Kang (KR), Antonín Kašpar (CZ), Richard Keťko, Kristof Kintera (CZ), Martin Kubina, Bert van Loo (NL), Milan Lukáč, Susanne Kathlen Mader (N), Jari Mannisto (FIN), Christian Mayer (A), Lubo Mikle, Igor Mitoraj (PL), Mitsouko Mori (J), Gunnar Carl Nilsson (S), Roland de Jong Orlando (NL), Alexander Pankin (RUS), Štefan Papčo, Fredrik Raddum (N), Vesa-Pekka Rannikko (FIN), Peter Roller, Ivan Russev (BG), Martin Sedlák, Adriaan Seelen (NL), Gebhard Sengmüller (A), Viliam Slaminka, Vladimír Skrepl (CZ), Haldis H.Solås (N), Lubo Stacho, Carlo Steiner (I), Agneta Stening (S), Adéla Svobodová (CZ), Filip Šicko, Ján Šicko, Jaroslava Šicková-Fabrici, Evžen Šimera, Hitoshi Tanaka (J), Giuseppe Teofilo (I), Barbro Raen Thomassen (N), Jakub Trajter, Ingrid Višňovská, Johannes Vogl (A), Olbram Zoubek (CZ)





openings of 13th year of the SCULPTURE and OBJECT XIII.

12.00 - Gallery Forzet – Milan Lukáč
13.00 - Bulgarian Cultural Centre – Ivan Russev (BG)
14.00 - Gallery Kressling – 7 Sculptors
         - Gallery Komart – Federico Diaz (CZ)
15.00 - Czech Centre – Václav Fiala (CZ)
16.00 - French Institute  - Saint Cricq a Jean Charasse (F)
17.00 - Austrian Cultural Forum – Johannes Vogl (A)
18.00 - Bratislava City Gallery – Mirbach palace – Italian Lights (I)
19.00 - Gallery Z - István Gellér B. (H) – Grawing City 
20.00 - Dom umenia (House of Art) Art without Frontiers
21.00 - Hall of Mirrors of The Primate´s Palace – official opening of the 13th year of SaO


Sculptures produce a unique mood and distinct atmosphere; they enrich the ways that culture can be enjoyed both by locals and visitors to the city alike. The possibility to explore barrier-free communication using works of art in the streets and on city squares not only helps build up a relationship to art, but also cultivates the aesthetic insight and awareness of the viewer. Every summer quality art and distinguished artistic figures from all over the world come together in Bratislava. 
This annual event enjoys exceptional popularity and interest not just from the general public but also professional circles. At a previous year of the exhibition the then rector of the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Adam Farkaš, even noted that Bratislava is becoming the European capital of sculpture every summer thanks to this event.

Now in its thirteenth year, this year the event will involve an even greater number of works (more than 200), participating artists (67) and countries (22), and it will take place at more venues than it ever did before.
In addition to outdoor sites on the city squares Hviezdoslavovo námestie and Františkánske námestie with large dimension works of artists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Spain and Korea, and in the courtyard of Primate’s Palace with works of the “stars” of this year’s exhibition, outstanding Polish artist Igor Mitoraj and the no less renowned Czech artist Olbram Zoubek, the artistic works of over 60 artists will also be put on show in the “chamber” environment of the various participating galleries. Joining local Slovak artists will be others from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Japan, Korea, Israel, Brazil, Russia, Great Britain and Georgia.

The premises on the 1st floor of Dom umenia (House of Art) will be the venue for a broadly conceived display of artists from various countries entitled Art Without Frontiers. Art has always ignored barriers that endeavour incomprehensibly to separate and prevent the open and free promotion of artistic values. The works of artists of various genres and generations, using different expressive and material means, present a mission of co-operation and better mutual understanding through the universal communication medium that is fine art.
In addition to various Slovak artists like Peter Roller, Ján Hoffstädter and Ingrid Višňovská, Daniel Brunovský,  or Ľubo Stacho, for instance, other works on display will include those of young Finnish artists the likes of Vesa-Pekka Rannikko and Jari Mannisto, as well as the large dimension installation Flags from Markus Kahre, winner of the 2007 Ars Fennica Prize for young artist;  there will be works from renowned artists from other countries as well, including Lis Andersen (DK), Susanne Kathlen Mader (N), Barbro Raen Thomassen (N), Fredrik Raddum (N), Gunnar Carl Nilsson (S), Bert van Loo (NL), Roland de Jong Orlando (NL), Gebhard Sengmüller (A), Mitsouko Mori (J), Carlos Galvao (BR), Gjalt Blauw (NL), Neven Bilić (HR) recommended to be included by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, or Alexander Pankin (RUS), already renowned also in this part of the world.
In Mirbach Palace of Bratislava City Gallery visitors will have the chance to see works of four Italian artists at the exhibition entitled Italian Lights, in the curator concept of Lia de Venere. They are Giuseppe Teofilo, Carlo Bernardini, Filippo Centenari and Carlo Steiner whose works creatively utilise and play with lights;
In Gallery Z there will be an installation – exhibition of Hungarian artist István Gellér B. – A Growing City;
in the Gallery of the French Institute curator Zsuzsa Dárdai will present the works of two French representatives of the MADI movement, Jean Charass and Saint-Cricq;
in the Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum in co-operation with Galerie Martin Janda from Vienna, the installations of young Austrian artist Johannes Vogel will be exhibited;
in the Gallery of the Czech Centre the author of the large dimension work created specially for this exhibition , Shrine for Bratislava and installed on Františkánske námestie, Václav Fiala, will put on a selection of his more intimate constructivist work;
in the Gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural and Information Centre acclaimed sculptor and organiser of symposia from Bulgarian Ilindentci, Ivan Russev, will present his stone sculptures;
The Kressling Gallery at its new address on Zámočnícka ulica is involved in the project with a selection of works from young Slovak and Czech artists  - 7 Sculptors, where among others visitors can see works of Erik Binder, Viktor Frešo, Mário Chromý, Kristof Kinter (CZ) or Evžen Šimera;
one floor up at the same address in Komart Gallery you will find works of Federico Diaz from the Czech Republic;
and finally Gallery Forzet will have exhibit works of Milan Lukáč.

This year's SCULPTURE and OBJECT XIII also welcomes the 3rd International Sculpture Symposium L´Art pour la Santé SO-CHA, Topolčianky 2008, from 13 – 31 August 2008
and the official opening of the exhibition of small sculptures and drawings of sculptors in Gallery M in Rovinka at 3 pm on 17 August 2008.


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